hahapromo1Created by the Haha Collective: KANAMORI Sayuri, Colleen LANKI,TAKEHARA Sheila, Jane B. THOMPSON, Yuko Florence YUNOKAWA

Performed by: KANAMORI Sayuri, Colleen LANKI, TAKEHARA Sheila, Yuko Florence YUNOKAWA

Directorial Advisor: NARAHASHI Yoko

Directorial Assistant and Dramaturge: Jane B.THOMPSON

Set and Costume Design: Tanya MURDOCH

Lighting Design: KATO Toshihiko

Sound: NOGUCHI Takashi

hahauba1haha: (Japanese) – mother             (English) – the sound of laughter

What did your mother always tell you? It depends, in part, on where you’re from. Or does it?

The result of 8 months of intensive creation, 母- Haha explores the mother-daughter relationship from the perspective of women from very different social and cultural backgrounds. The performance draws on folk stories, songs, original music, dance

and writing, and is presented in a combination of Japanese and Western theatrical styles, both in English and Japanese. A dynamic and wholly original creation, 母- Haha is testimony to both the universality, and the cultural differences inherent in this most complex of relationships.


I haven’t felt such pure emotion or tears of joy for such a long time.

I forgot it was often in different languages. Thank-you for this gift.

In the last moment of the play, when the lights went out, I saw my mother’s face – smiling.


The audience is led through a myriad of emotions…. The Asahi Evening News, Tokyo

What really elevates 母 – Haha , though, is how it operates on so many levels. There is cultural, biological, and emotional conflict intertwined with elements of myth and folk tradition utilizing dramatic forms that challenge theatrical conventions. The Japan Times, Tokyo

Whether you’re a mother or a daughter you will find yourselves in this piece…. Toronto Aurora Magazine

An engaging episodic piece…. The Canberra Times


February 1997 – Tokyo, Japan
July 1997 – Fringe Festival – Toronto, Canada
October 1997 – Tokyo, Japan (remount)
February 1998 – National Multicultural Festival, Canberra, Australia
December 1998 – Fujino, Japan

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