facetsp1Created and directed by: Colleen LANKI

Video poems by: SENOU Toru

Performed by: Colleen LANKI, CHEN Daiying, AOYAGI Atsuko

Set Design: BATAYAN

Lighting Design: KATO Toshihiko

Sound: NOGUCHI Takashi


Like a cut jewel we are all multifacetted. We all have many sides to ourselves, some which we show thefacetscook11world everyday, and others which remain hidden and unexplored. This is the theme that Kee Company explores in Facets.

Facets is the product of an international collaboration and was conceived and directed by Colleen LANKI, in connection with Japanese video artist SENOU Toru. Facets is an interdisciplinary work, combining live performance, soundscape, and a specialized form called “video poems” which involves text projected in a specially timed sequence. Facets enters the realms of four different aspects of a single woman. Three female performers embody each of these four “facets”: Marga and her egg, Ire(ee-ray) who is learning to fly, Princess the party girl, and The Mother – the protector. Movement, sound and projected text provide views of the inner and outer worlds of these beings.


A fantastical world!

It made me think about events and feelings in my daily life.

The cookies were delicious! And the performance was delicious too!




May 2000-Tokyo, Japan

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