Written and Created by: KANAZAWA Makoto, Colleen LANKI, John OGLEVEE, SHIBATA Eriko

Performed by: KANAZAWA Makoto (Japan) John OGLEVEE (U.S.), Colleen LANKI (Canada), SHIBATA Eriko (Japan)

with: Emily CURTIS (Australia), Sandra SOTO-LECAT (Mexico), IKEDA Nao (Japan), TAKENAKA Miho (Japan), IWATA Tsubasa (Japan), UESUGI Toshie (Japan), KAWAGUCHI Shigeto (Japan), WAKATA Motoko (Japan), NAKANISHI Yosuke (Japan), WATANABE Motoki (Japan), WONG Oi Min (Malaysia)




Director: TAKEUCHI Akiko (Japan)
Composer: MIYAKE Haruna (Japan)
Vocalist: SHIBATA Reki (Japan
Producer: ICCP/ KYO Koichi (Japan)
Set Design: KATO Chika (Japan)
Lighting Design: KATO Toshihiko (Japan)
Costume Coordinators: Eric and Kaori SHAW (Canada and Japan)




The concept of home is universal. As children we all have a “home” of some type, and move on as adults tohome1 make other homes, or live in a continual search for one. Perhaps we are running away from home, are stuck at home, or long for home….

But just what does “home” mean?

The answer to this question varies from culture to culture and from individual to individual, but has an importance to all of us.

This project is a theatrical exploration of the concept of “home”, from both a cultural and personal perspective. In it we ask the questions:

  home3  What is home?
    Where is home?
    What makes a home?
    How do we get home?

The result of these explorations is a wholly original performance combining movement, music and text. The performance does not have a linear narrative as such, but is character driven. The audience encounters these characters – an interior designer who makes homes for others, a salaryman who has a home and family but maintains a stronger relationship with his goldfish, a young woman searching for the perfect home and a homeless international courier trying to find a home for an undeliverable package – and follows them through a series of scenes in their search for the meaning of “home”. The scenes bend perspective, and play with space and time in a way that allows for a change in the audience’s thoughts and feelings about “home”. Performed in a mix of Japanese and English, with some Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin. Original music performed live by MIYAKE Haruna and vocalist SHIBATA Reki.


Laughter with some tears

Made me rethink the real meaning of home.

You probably couldn’t see such a unique show anywhere else.

The use of bodies as props and scenery was fascinating.

A varied and wide-ranging perspective. Humorous and surreal at the same time.

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